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Member Data Protection Series

Our online course has been curated specifically for professionals working within membership organisations and associations and is structured into 8 practical modules.

Each module builds upon the last and will provide you with a well-rounded and practical view on what you and your organisation need to know in order to be compliant.

Message of Support:

“It does exactly what it says on the tin! New to GDPR or relatively experienced, this course will benefit all, and Lisa is not only knowledgeable but an easy presenter to listen to. The information was broken down, and I really benefitted from the recaps at the end of each module, enabling me to pick up where I left off easily and remain engaged. With the content focusing on membership organisations and associations the modules were relevant, gave good insight and practical information that is easy to apply. This course tells you everything you need to know about data protection and how to remain compliant.”

Ellie Galibardi, Administration Manager, CIWM